Culpepers' Market factors.

Our products  are commodity items and are traded internationally. Pricing and supply of these products are affected by many factors which include the following.

  • Size of the crop. Especially the amount being planted.
  • World and local demand. Australian consumers have to pay the world price for local grown produce!
  • Changes in currency exchange rates.
  • Crops can be affected by diseases and insect predication which adversely affect global supply.
  • Grower expectations. Growers can change crops if they believe they will earn a greater profit by switching crops.
  • Increases in the costs of production, importing and the general cost of doing business.
  • Changes in Government regulations, taxes and charges.
  • An increase in the amount of misinformation within market reports from growers and traders, all designed to keep price high.
  • Shipping disruptions, sabotage, strikes and other industrial disputes!

and of course....

  • "Rain, too much, too little or none at all!".

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