Baharat Seasoning

Fri, 8 Mar 2019

Culpepers now stock Baharat Seasoning.

Culpepers’ Baharat (Middle Eastern Spice)

Baharat is the Arabic for spices. It is a blend used in Middle Eastern and Greek cuisine. It is often used to season lamb, fish, beef, and chicken and is used in soups. It is the all-purpose seasoning in Middle Eastern cooking.

This versatile blend is also used as a meat rub and as a kebab seasoning. Try combining it olive oil and lemon juice to make a marinade and use it to baste pita bread, or sliced crusty bread oven toasted for a budget priced starter. Add Baharat to hamburger mince for a flavoursome burger!

Sprinkle it on veggies so the kids will love them. Use in moderation so as to not overpower with flavour. The recipe varies from region to region and even from one household to the next. This makes it difficult to perfect as the ingredient list comes from what is readily available. Baharat is to Middle Eastern cuisine as garam masala is to Indian food.

In Turkey they often add Mint and or rose buds. In Tunisia they may add Sumac or Chilli or Turmeric. There are no rules.

They are available in 500g and 1 kilo bags. Contact your distributor for pricing and to place an order or order online.




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