Eatable nuts that come from trees and or legumes such as peanuts. They can be eaten raw or roasted. It is recommended to eat about 30g per day.

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Almond - Blanched 1kg

Almonds originated in the Middle east and in South East Asia. They...

$ 16.95
Almond - Flaked 1kg

Almond kernels which have been blanched and then sliced into...

$ 16.95
Almond - Kernels 1kg

The fruit of the Almond tree is a drupe. It consists of hard outer...

$ 17.95
Almond - Meal 1kg

Blanched Almond kernels that have been finely ground. AKA Almond...

$ 16.95
Almond - Slivered 1kg

Almonds that have been blanched, then cut into match shaped...

$ 16.95
Brazil Nut Kernels 1kg

Also known as Brazil Nuts but they aren't a nut but the seed of the...

$ 34.95
Cashews Raw 1kg

In English name for Cashews comes from the Portuguese name "Caju"...

$ 20.65
Fruit & Nut Mixture 1kg

A mixture of raw peanuts, sultanas, currants and raisins....

$ 12.00
Hazelnut Kernels 1kg

Hazel nuts come from Hazel trees. Most of the Hazel trees choose to...

$ 19.15
Hazelnut Meal 1kg

Hazelnuts which have been ground. Available in 1 kilo bags.

$ 19.15
Macadamia Nut - Raw 1kg

Macadamia's come from the Macadamia tree. Available in 1 kg bags.

$ 41.30
Mixed Nuts - Premium Raw 1kg

Culpepers mixture of nuts without peanuts. Available in 1kg packs

$ 22.75
Mixed Nuts - Raw Kernels 1kg

A combination of Blanched Peanuts, Walnut halves, Raw Cashews,...

$ 13.15
Peanuts - Blanched 1kg

Peanuts which have been de-shelled and blanched. The skin is...

$ 5.90
Pecan Kernels 1kg

Native to North America the pecan is a popular product and is used...

$ 32.35
Pistachio Kernels 1kg

The Pistachio is a seed and is therefore referred to as a culinary...

$ 35.50
Walnut Halves and Pieces 1kg

Walnuts which have been de-shelled and halved. Generally the...

$ 16.75
Walnut Topping Pieces 1kg

Walnuts from the shell that have been broken into small pieces...

$ 15.55