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Eatable seeds and grains that generally come from grass type plants.

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Amaranth Grain 1kg

A small white grain which is about the same size as a poppy seed....

$ 12.95
Barley - Pearl 1kg

Barley is a member of the grass family. It is a major Cereal Grain....

$ 2.75
Buckwheat Seeds 1kg

Buckwheat comes from a plant with grain like seeds. It is cooked in...

$ 6.00
Burghul Coarse 1kg

Also known as Burghal, Bulgar and Bulgur wheat. It is made from...

$ 4.50
Chia Seed Black 1kg

Chia is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. The seeds...

$ 11.75
Chia Seed White 1kg

Chia Seeds are typically small ovals with a diameter of about 1 mm....

$ 17.95
Freekeh 1kg

Freekeh is a process of parch roasting and drying of young durum...

$ 8.35
Hemp Seeds 1kg

Hemp seeds are the seeds from hemp plants. They became legal as a...

$ 32.95
Linseed 1kg

Also known as Flaxseed. Available in 1 kg bags.

$ 5.60
Nigella Seeds 1kg

Small black seed from the Nigella Sativa plant. Available in 1 kg...

$ 9.80
Oats - Quick 1kg

A species of cereal grain grown for it's seed. Quick oats cook...

$ 2.95
Oats - Rolled 1kg

A species of cereal grain grown for its seed. These larger oats are...

$ 2.95
Pepitas 1kg

Pepita's is the Spanish name for Pumpkin Seeds. The fruit is very...

$ 9.45
Popping Corn 1kg

The type of corn (Maize) that expands from the kernel and puffed up...

$ 3.85
Poppy Seed 1kg

The small slate-blue seeds have a pleasant nutty flavour....

$ 7.95
Poppy Seed Canister 500g

Poppy Seeds in a canister. The small slate-blue seeds have a...

$ 8.95
Quinoa - Black Seeds 1kg

Quinoa is an ancient grain that is about the size of sesame seeds....

$ 11.75
Quinoa - Red Seeds 1kg

Quinoa is an ancient grain. They come in Red, Black or White seeds....

$ 11.75
Quinoa - White seeds 1kg

A grain-like crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It comes in...

$ 8.35
Quinoa Flakes 700g

The white quinoa seed is rolled flat to make a flake, just like an...

$ 9.55
Quinoa Seeds - Tricolour 1kg

A blend of White, Red and Black Quinoa Seeds. Available in 1 kg bags.

$ 11.75
Sesame Seeds - Black 1kg

Sesame Seeds which are naturally black. Available in 1 kilo bags.

$ 13.95
Sesame Seeds 1kg

A small white to off white seed that has a rich nut-like flavour....

$ 6.75
Sesame Seeds Canister 500g

Sesame Seeds in a canister. A small white to off white seed that...

$ 5.95
Sunflower Kernels 1kg

The eatable part of the sunflower seed is the kernel. Available in...

$ 5.95