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Almonds - Blanched 1kg

Almonds originated in the Middle east and in South East Asia. They...

$ 16.95
Almonds - Flaked 1kg

Almond kernels which have been blanched and then sliced into...

$ 16.95
Almond - Kernels 1kg

The fruit of the Almond tree is a drupe. It consists of hard outer...

$ 17.50
Almond Meal - Blanched 1kg

Blanched Almond kernels that have been finely ground. Also known as...

$ 16.95
Almonds - Roasted/Salted 1kg

Almond Kernels that have been roasted and salt added. Available in...

$ 19.20
Almonds - Roasted/Unsalted 1kg

Almonds that have been roasted without added salt. Available in...

$ 19.20
Almonds - Slivered 1kg

Almonds that have been blanched, then cut into match shaped...

$ 16.95