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Flour is a powder which is made by grinding cereal grains, or other seeds or roots. (Other than spices or herbs)

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Pea Flour 1kg

Yellow Field peas that have been roasted and ground into a fine...

$ 5.25
Arrowroot 1kg

It is a starch that comes from the root of tropical tapioca plant.

$ 3.00
Baking powder -Gluten Free 1kg

A gluten free baking powder is made from Rice flour plus Mineral...

$ 8.55
Baking Powder 1kg

Baking powder is a chemical leaving agent. This is a double acting...

$ 6.45
Besan Flour 1kg

It is a pulse flour. Also known as Gram flour or Chick Pea flour....

$ 5.40
Buckwheat Flour 1kg

Buckwheat grains that have been ground into fine powder. Available...

$ 8.35
Coconut Flour 1kg

Flour made by the dehydration and grinding of Coconut meat into a...

$ 9.65
Cornflour - Corn 1kg

Corn Flour which is made from maize. Avaialble in a 1kg bag.

$ 9.95
Cornflour - Corn 500g

Corn Flour which is made from maize. Avaialble in a 500g bag.

$ 4.75
Cornflour - Wheaten 1kg

Cornflour (Wheaten) which has been made from ground wheat. This...

$ 3.55
Cream of Tartar 1kg

Cream of tartar is used in baking to activate alkaline baking soda....

$ 21.95
Hemp Flour 1kg

Hemp seeds which have been ground into a flour for use in baking....

$ 16.50
Hemp Protein Powder 1kg

A protein rich powder derived from Hemp flour by reducing the fiber...

$ 35.95
Polenta Coarse 1kg

Made from corn. Polenta is either finely or coarsely ground and is...

$ 3.55
Polenta Fine 1kg

Made from Corn which has been finely ground. Available in 1kg bags.

$ 3.55
Potato Flake 10kg

Potatoes that have been through a process of cooking, mashing and...

$ 48.00
Potato Starch 1kg

A starch extraceted from potatoes and used in cooking applications....

$ 4.65
Rice Flour - Fine 1kg

Rice flour is also known as rice powder. It is made from finely...

$ 3.75
Semolina (Euro) 1kg

Semolina is the coarse, purified wheat middlings of durum wheat....

$ 4.15
Starch - Tapioca 1kg

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the tropical plant known as...

$ 3.00