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Cardamom Seed 1kg

Seeds from the Cardamom Pod.
Available in 1kg bags
Code: CARDS1
Quantity: Good Supply
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Cooking with: Bread Baking, Desserts, Stewed Fruit
Cuisine: Thai, Middle Eastern, Malaysian, Italian, Indian, Chinese
$ 95.95
GST exempt
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Cardamom is essential in a curry mix and is often used in Indian Cuisine. Great with vegetables, meat and on cooked fruit dishes. It also mix well with rice, tagines and cakes.

Medicinal Powers?

Can be used to treat mouth infections and to prevent throat infections.

Fun Facts.

Today, Guatemala is the biggest producer and exporter of Cardamom in the world.

In the first century, people used Cardamom to clean their tooth or even sweeten the breath from smelly ingredients of meals, such as garlic.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Cardamom comes from Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and India!