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Hang packs special deal

23 Culpepers Hang packs for the price of 20
Code: HP20
Quantity: Good Supply
Availability: Always Available
Cooking with: Pork, Lamb, Fish, Duck, Chicken, Beef
Cuisine: Australian
$ 50.00
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This special pack has been designed to give the right balance of ingredients to use for roasting and barbecuing meats.

Developed by Monique, the sales manager's daughter, these ingredient when properly combined will deliver mouth watering results.

Monique is a competitive meat smoker and backyard barbecue queen. She knows her stuff.

There is heaps of info about how to roast and barbecue on the web and we're not here to teach, but with Culpepers' ingredients you'll have to foundation required for a feast!

The pack includes

2 x 80g Barbecue Seasoning, 2 x 80g BBQ Charcoal Seasoning, 1 x 80g Cajun / Creole Seasoning, 1 x 80g Caribbean Jerk Seasoning,                                                          1 x 60g Chilli Lime Seasoning, 1 x 100g Double Smoked Seasoning, 2 x 160g Garlic Powder, 1 x 100g Kingston Seasoning,                                                                         1 x 80g Lemon Pepper Seasoning, 1 x 50g Mixed Herbs, 2 x 160g Onion Powder, 1 x 100g Paprika, 1 x 100g Pepper Black Ground,                                                             1 x 60g Pepper White Ground, 2 x 150g Sugar - Brown, 2 x 200g Salt (Lake), 1 x 100 Salt Pink Fine.