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Lemon Myrtle 500g

Lemon Myrtle is a popular Australian native Herb. It has a lemon lime fragrance. It is a available in a 500g bag.
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Lemon myrtle gaining popularity as an Australian way to add flavour as a rub onto fish, chips, chicken and roast vegetables.

Combine lemon myrtle with fresh mango and make a great marinade for prawns.

Now being used to add a unique flavour to cheese.

I've also heard that some people add it to pasta and tang up a pasta salad.

It gives a sweet lemony taste to food.

Medicinal powers?

It is reported to have antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so it may help ward off sinus infections.

Just don't be anti myrtle.

It's oils may be great when fighting a chest infection.

It may be a good source of magnesium and vitamin A and E.

Fun Facts

You can pick the leaves of the trees in Lismore, NSW. Please check with the owner first.

The trees prefer a temperate growing region.

Also known as Sweet Verbena and scented Blackhousia.

You can use it as an air freshener.

Country of Origin.

Culpepers Lemon Myrtle comes from Australia. (But you already figured that out)