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Potato Flakes 3kg

Potatoes that have been through a process of cooking, mashing and dehydrating to yield a food that can be reconstituted by adding water. Available in 3 kg packs
Quantity: Good Supply
Availability: Always Available
Cooking with: Corn, Soups
Cuisine: Italian, Australian
$ 23.10
GST exempt
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Can be reconstituted in seconds by adding 110 ml hot water or hot milk to 25g of potato flakes.  Add salt, pepper and or butter to taste.

It is a close approximation of mashed potatoes. Often used as a soup thickener. It mixes well with cheese, corn, herbs or garlic.

To make a small batch of potato flour simply place the required amount in a food processor and grind until the required consistency is achieved.

Medicinal Powers?

Potato water can fade your summertime freckles. 

It is low in sodium, in saturated fat and in cholesterol.

Fun Facts

Potatoes are native to Peru. They have been able to be freeze dried since the time of the Incan empire 1438 to 1533 CE.

Country of Origin!

Culpepers' Potato Flakes come from USA!