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Salt - Flossy (Kosher) 1kg

This salt is a coarser grade than our lake salt. It is preferred for cooking as it has less impurities that may taint the flavour profile of the food you are cooking. Now available in a 1 kg bag.
Code: SALTF1
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Availability: Always Available
Cooking with: Pork, Lamb, Fish, Chicken, Beef
Cuisine: Thai, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Malaysian, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Australian
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GST exempt
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This is a general purpose salt that is used in processing meat and general food production. Salt is considered a seasoning and is used to add flavour to bland food.

Medicinal powers?

Salt is essential to life so we must have salt in our diet. Too much salt can lead to higher blood pressure and problems so regulating the amount of salt you consume is important.

Fun Facts

The discussion on table salt vs flossy salt vs kosher salt vs rock salt is interesting. Is seems there are numerous opinions.

Rock salt is sometimes known as kosher salt as it is easy to work with due to the grain size.

Kosher salt should really be called koshering salt. It is from the Jewish culinary custom of removing the blood from the meat before it is eaten. Kosher or coarse salt is more efficient at extracting blood.

This is different to Kosher Certified salt. Certification of salt by an authorised Kashrut inspector ensure that the salt has prepare using Jewish food preparation guidelines. It is deemed to be "Kosher".

Flossy salt is often referred to as kosher salt and we have been advised that we can do so.

At the end of the day, after the salt has dissolved, they'll all do the same job and taste pretty much the same.

The process of gathering salt is called "winning."

Country of origin.

Culpepers salt - flossy comes from Australia.