Soup Vegetable Mix 1kg

Culpepers Soup Vegetable mix is a great soup starter and a great addition to your winter menu. Available in a 1kg pack.
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Cooking with: Soups
Cuisine: Italian, Australian
$ 15.00
GST exempt
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This blend of vegetable powders is designed to give your soup a perfect flavour base for you to add chopped vegetables, meats and stock. It is versatile to be customised to your preferred taste. It combines parsnip, leek, carrots, parsley, lovage and onion so you can add the rest.

Medicinal powers?

These are dependent on the individual ingredients but soup is a recognised winter warmer and well known for its restorative powers when feeling down.

Fun facts

Each 1kg pack will make about 150 serves so this is a very affordable way to get into the soup season.

Lovage is the least known ingredient in our mix. It is like a stronger version of celery and originates from the Mediterranean region and comes from the same family as carrots, celery, anise and parsley.

Country of origin.

Culpepers soup vegetable mix is imported from Germany.